PAYMENT OF FEES:  We offer an auto-withdrawal from your bank account for your monthly tuition payments. At your first class in September, you will remit payment for September tuition, fill out the necessary auto-withdrawal forms (including a voided check) and your auto-withdraw will begin on Oct. 5th and will finish in April. May tuition will be paid separately since it is a half month of classes.  

Consider the benefits of this feature:

a.       No standing in line every month to pay

b.       No late fee – ever.

c.        You won’t forget

d.       No statement to mail back

e.        You know your tuition is taken care of.


OR: Tuition can be paid monthly by check, money order or cash. Payment must be received by the 7th of the month or you are charged a $10.00 late fee. Note: we do not have a secretary at our Harlan location, so please put the exact amount of your tuition in an envelope. Put your child’s name on the front of the envelope along with the day and time of your child’s class and place the envelope in the payment box on your teacher’s stand. You can also mail your payment to us, but remember we must receive it by the 7th.

All non-sufficient funds checks or auto-withdraw returns will be charged a $30.00 fee, per return.

**If any account becomes three months past due, your child may no longer participate in class until the account is current.


WITHDRAWAL AND REFUNDS: Withdrawal must be done by the parent in person, or over the phone. After speaking with your child’s teacher, your auto-withdrawal account will be terminated. If you gave us post-dated checks, they will be mailed back to you or shredded. Harlan Dance and Tumbling reserves the right to terminate lessons to any student without notice. In such a case, a refund for unused lessons will be given.


PRIVATE LESSONS: Private lessons will be given only to students interested in entering talent shows or dance and gymnastics competitions. This is for the serious student willing to put forth the extra time and energy into practicing, not to mention the traveling expenses and entry fees. Talk to your teacher if interested.

RECITAL: Your teacher will order one ready-made costume through the studio. Price range will vary from $50.00 - $80.00 a costume. Although the recital isn’t until May, we will order costumes in December. Complete payment for the costumes will be due at this time. You may wish to keep this in mind as you plan your budget, as you realize December can be a tough month financially.

Recital dates for 2018 are May 12-13. Stage practices will be May 5 and 10. Picture day will be May 5. Dress Rehearsal will be May 12. Please keep these dates in mind. All students will perform in all of the shows (1 on Sat., and 1 or 2 on Sun.).

Note: Tuition and other fees on your account must be paid first before any payment can be applied to costume fees.

RECITAL FEE: Due to the fact that we cannot charge admission to the recital, we will be charging a $40.00 per family recital fee this year. This will be due on May 5th with your tuition payment.

COMPETITION FEES: If your child is in a competition dance class, entry fees are generally due a month ahead of the competition date. These must be paid before we send the entries. Your teacher will advise you of all payment due dates. Note: Tuition and other fees on your account must be paid first before any payment can be applied to competition fees.




Classes / Rates  2017-2018






A.      1 Hour Combination Dance Class- Girls or boys age 3 to 7.

20 minutes tap, 20 minutes jazz, 20 minutes basic gymnastics skills.

Price per month: $44.00                     with tax: $47.08


B.      1 Hour Dance Class- Girls or boys age 8 and up.

30 minutes tap, 30 minutes jazz.

Price per month: $44.00                     with tax: $47.08


                C.   1½ Hour Competition Dance Class - Girls or Boys age 6 and up.

                Tap, Jazz, Leaps, Turns, Technique (Serious, dedicated dancers only-

                this will involve extra classes, traveling to competitions, and extra

                costuming expenses)

                Price per month: $64.00                     with tax: $68.48


                D.  30 Min. Ballet/Lyrical Class- Girls only, 5th grade and up.

                Must have had at least 1 year of dance class.

                Price per month: $22.00                     with tax: $23.54


                E.  30 Min. Ballet/Pointe Class- Girls only, 6th grade and up.

                Must have had at least 1 year of lyrical class.

                Price per month: $22.00                     with tax: $23.54


F.  45 Min. Jazz Class- Girls or boys, 6th grade and up.

Price per month: $33.00                     with tax: $35.31


G. 1 Hour Tumbling Class- Girls or boys, age 5 and up.

Price per month: $44.00                     with tax: $47.08



   FAMILY DISCOUNT: $4.00 discount for each additional family member or

   each additional 1- hour class taken ($2.00 discount for ½ hour class).

   If you have any questions, feel free to call the Harlan Studio- 712- 235-6677.

   Denison Studio -712-263-6677 or 712-263-4466. (

   Classes begin September 2nd.


   Harlan Dance and Tumbling              Sherri and Julie’s Dance and Gymnastics

   1301 Hawkeye Ave.                             2605  4th Ave. South

   Harlan, IA  51537                                  Denison, IA  51442

   712-235-6677                                          712 263-6677 or 712-263-4466









    We are committed to providing the highest quality of instruction in a first rate facility.  Our goal is to maintain an environment where students can learn dance & gymnastics in a friendly, professional atmosphere.   














        A non-refundable fee of $3000 per student (to a maximum of 2 per family) is required yearly at the time of registration.  The registration fee covers administrative expenses and is paid by all students.













        Please visit our registration page for all information regarding shoe fittings, registration due date, etc.

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